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Mom Absolutely Nails What It’s Like Playing With Kinetic Sand For the First Time

Truly, it is a sensory delight.

We might pretend like we buy toys for our children, but sometimes, we're buying them just as much for our own benefit, too. After all, who doesn't love being able to try out all the cool new Barbie accessories that didn't exist when we were kids? And then, there are a few new products that you probably didn't even get to try until you were buying them for your children. 

One example of that is Kinetic Sand, which is a less messy way to allow our kids to play with real sand. It comes in all kinds of bright colors (and even scents), it can be molded into different shapes, and, as one mom on TikTok is pointing out, it's just as much fun for kids as it is for adults.


In the video, we see a mom who's presenting her kid with Kinetic Sand to play with, and then, when she starts to play with it herself, her whole face changes. It really is an amazing sensory experience — the way the sand feels when you pick it up and play with it simply cannot be described with words.

Before the mom knows it, hours have passed, and she's still playing with the sand while her kid wants to know where dinner is. Ha! Who hasn't been there? 

A lot of moms can relate to this, judging by the comments on the video.

This was me and my nephews when I first gave it to them! I couldn't stop playing with it," one person wrote.

If you've never played with Kinetic Sand before, let this be your sign to go buy some. Just trust us on this!