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Mom Blames Going Into Labor on Tenessee Football Team Beating Alabama

She was so excited, she induced labor

There are all kinds of tips that experts have for pregnant women who are trying to get their labors going. Spicy food, exercise, castor oil, sex...there are all sorts of options. But then there are the ways to have a baby that people come up with all on their own, maybe even by mistake.

In this video from @jorrjohnson, we see a woman whose enthusiasm for football brought her straight to the delivery room. But it's important to note, she was really, really excited about this football game.


Probably the hopping up and down did it? And all the yelling? Either way, what a fun way to bring a baby into the world! Maybe it was just all that adrenaline that got baby going. Time to go! Or maybe the baby was trying to go to a quieter place, where people weren't  yelling about football. Who's to say?

Commenters loved this entire story...
"We call that a “double core memory day.” Congrats!!"
"I trust the algorithm to bring me back in 18 years when this baby tells us about his college essay/acceptance to the university of TN!"
"As a Chase myself and a TN native and a VFL and the fact that the kicker was Chase McGrath, I approve of this beautiful baby!"
"I’m a doula and childbirth educator and this is a great example of oxytocin rush starting labor!! Congrats all around."
"She wanted to celebrate with y’all."
"Omg! This was me! I’m 37W and was so nervous i was going to go into labor during this game."

Hey, whatever gets that baby out! This seems like one of the best possible ways, though. No upset stomach as with spicy food and castor oil, anyway. Happy birthday, Heidi!