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Woman Preps For Labor By Holding Ice For 60 Seconds

Here’s how it helps.

There are a lot of different ways to prepare for childbirth, like discussing a birth plan with your doctor or midwife, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, and bouncing on an exercise ball. But when it comes to the pain those contractions will bring, it's hard to know what you're in for until it happens to you. There might be one way to start getting yourself ready to handle the pain before it happens, though.

One mom on TikTok shared what she has done before labor to get ready for the contractions in her last two pregnancies, and according to her, it really works. She holds ice in her hands for 60 seconds, and the reason why makes a lot of sense. 


This mom explained that holding the ice helps her prepare mentally for labor, because it allows her to practice handling discomfort for about the length of a contraction.

"I wanted my mind capable of staying calm and collected while experiencing any level of discomfort. You see, your mind is your most powerful tool. When we train it, it will go to battle for us. When we don’t, it will cost us," she wrote in her caption.

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From watching the video, it's clear that she isn't loving the experience, but she does manage to get through it and stay calm the entire time, which is the goal. 

We never would have thought about using a tactic like this to prepare, but it's actually pretty smart. Like she said in the video, labor isn't just physical, it's mental — so it makes sense that it helps to get your mind prepared, too.

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