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Son Doesn’t Realize He’s at Favorite Performer’s Concert Until She Takes the Stage and His Reaction is Everything

Mom told him they were headed off to the baseball game.

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It's not always possible to accomplish, but there's no feeling like pulling a huge surprise over on someone you love that you know is going to make them so happy — and of course, it's extra special when we get to surprise our kids. But one mom's surprise that she shared on TikTok might be far beyond anything most of us can ever pull off! 

According to what she shared on the app, Mom told her son that they were going to a baseball game — an easy explanation for why they were at a stadium filled with people. In reality, they were there to see his favorite singer, Lady Gaga, perform, and Mom filmed her son the moment that Mother Monster took the stage.


We got to see this child go through every single emotion in the book when Lady Gaga came out and "Bad Romance" started playing. There was shock, there was disbelief, and best of all, there were so many happy tears. He was so shook!

Some viewers took special notice about how he immediately went to share the experience with his siblings sitting beside him. 

"Did he turn to his little sibling to share the excitement?? So adorable! Way to go, Mom!" one person pointed out.

It looks like Mom did an amazing job pulling off this surprise. There's no doubt this is something her son will talk about for years to come.