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Latinx Dad Reacts to Video of Girl Crying Over Making a Family Tree and It’s Pretty Funny

He knows her pain.

Families come in all sizes — and of course, we don't exactly have much say in whether or not we are born into a big one or a small one. For some of us, the circle is doesn't expand much beyond our own parents, while others have a hard spot finding an unclaimed seat at Thanksgiving every year. It is what it is! 

But when one girl growing up with Latinx parents was stressed out over the size of her family tree, he couldn't help but laugh. Like many other families from similar backgrounds, she was dealing with a lot of people and a lot of branches on that tree, and as a man from El Salvador, he could totally understand.  

The original video he stitched showed a girl working on a family tree and crying because of how complicated it had become. The dad in this video had seen the original and could relate, especially after seeing the stark differences between his family from El Salvador and his wife's family, who are white.

While his wife has a small extended family consisting of an aunt, an uncle, and two cousins, his side is very different. According to what he said in the video, his grandfather had 13 children and too many cousins to count, resulting in a "family forest" instead of a family tree once everyone was accounted for! 

"We’ve been legit trying to map out our family tree for years and almost given up because it is so freaking confusing," he admitted in his caption. 

Anyone out there with a big family is going to understand this problem. Family trees are the least of the issue — who's gonna pay for the family reunion