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Daughter Tries to Surprise Parents By Raking the Leaves

Where’d you get that dad? Amazon?

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As the seasons change, so do the tasks that we have to do to keep up with our yards. Now that fall is here, there's less mowing and a lot more leave raking. While kids might like making giant piles of leaves to jump into, for adults, it's definitely a chore — and it's usually something that takes us away from what we really want to be doing.

Knowing that, one little girl on TikTok really went the extra mile to help her family out. Her dad caught her raking the leaves in the yard, and the reason she said that she was doing it is simply too cute.

The adorable little girl, Abby — who has amassed more than four million followers on the app as her parents have shared her adventures — was hard at work, trying to rake the yard. And this was no small undertaking, either. From the video, we can see that they have a pretty sizable yard with a lot of leaves all over the place. 

Her dad asked her what she was doing, and her explanation for why she had taken it upon herself to rake the leaves was so sweet.

"It was going to be a surprise for you," she admitted. "Because I know you work really hard on the lawn and now it looks all leaves, it looks all gross all of a sudden. It's the leaves! So I thought I would rake it up." 

But it was the end of the video that really got us. In typical kid fashion, she asked, "Um, could you help me though?" 

Something tells us that her dad was probably happy to jump in, but we can't help but laugh that she asked him with help with his own surprise. Kids, man.

What a sweetie. She's so thoughtful!