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Mom’s DIY Lego Batman Costume Is Insanely Impressive

This kid deserves all the candy.

Every parent has their own way of handing the Halloween costume thing. Some parents are happy to fork over the cash for a ready-made ensemble, other parents are more the type to throw together a disguise with whatever they have hanging around the house. Still others are amazing Halloween superstars who have the creative talent and patience to DIY costumes that are way better than what you can find in any store. The costumes in @shannynpalmker's fall into that last category. Not only are they made from scratch, they're next-level cool. I mean, just give all the candy to these kids.


Jaw-droppingly awesome. It’s just incredible to think about how much work went into these costumes. They look 100% professional. Imagine how much this mom could charge if she wanted to sell these things!

Of course, at the end of the day, Halloween is just about having fun and friends and pumpkins and candy and memories, and it's not important who has the coolest costume. But at the same time, let's be realistic. These kids will always be remembered as the kids with the best costumes in the neighborhood, and that's pretty great.

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