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Watch Little Girl Work Her Butt Off At Homemade Lemonade Stand to Get Her Own Puppy

These parents are definitely doing something right.

The decision to add a pet to a family is a serious (albeit also fun) one. Getting a cat or a dog comes with a lot of responsibility, as easily as we can be totally blinded by the cuddles. But most parents know what it's like to be relentlessly begged for a puppy by their children, and how do we know they're serious about sharing the responsibility of caring for it? 

These parents on TikTok managed to find a solution: They told their daughter to earn the money to pay for the puppy herself. As Mom shared in a video she shared to the platform, this means her daughter opened up her own lemonade stand, and week by week, she worked to earn the cash for her new furry friend.


We've gotta give her some props here, because this lemonade looks good — especially the one that's topped with strawberries! Watch out, Starbucks, because these drinks are seriously impressive.

She even added her tooth fairy money to the puppy fund, and purchased everything the dog would need before they got the puppy, including a bed, puppy pads, and food and water bowls (and of course, toys).

So far, there's still no puppy, but Mom explained in the video that's because they're taking their time waiting to find the right one for their family. Smart move! 

When the puppy does arrive, this little girl is ready. Way to go to her parents — this puppy will mean so much more to her since she earned it herself.