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Mom Comes Out to Son For the First Time and His Reaction Is So Sweet

The kids are gonna be alright.

We often hear stories about kids being nervous about coming out to their parents, but it's rare we hear about it happening the other way around. Some people may realize that it's time to come out later in life as they get older and learn more about themselves. And sometimes, that means a parent telling their kids some big news they definitely weren't expecting. 

One mom on TikTok shared a video of what happened when she came out to her son. He looks like he's a bit older — preteen or a new teenager — but his reaction couldn't be more pure.


He was playing video games when his mom decided to tell him that she's gay, and he had the most lackluster response ever at first... and we mean that in the absolute best way. He simply said, "okay." 

"I'm fine with it," he said when his mom pointed out that he didn't seem surprised by the news. "It's normal." 

First of all, can we talk about how well this mama has raised her boy that this is how he reacts to her coming out? And second of all, we really are relieved to see that the next generation of kids seems to be far more accepting than generations in the past. So many people were so touched by this video and the relationship this mom and her son seem to have.

"Kids are so non-judgmental. I remember coming out to my third grade class. I was instantly greeted by a million hugs," a teacher shared in the comments.

It's happening slowly, but we're moving toward a better, more accepting world... one sweet kid at a time.