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Librarian Concocts Genius Way To Get Books To Kids Who Can’t Get To the Library

We want one in every town!

It's hard to imagine life without our local library — and with kids, many make use of it like never before. Not only does it offer free access to books (and sometimes, even audio books straight to our phones) but also programs like story time that our kids really love. But we know we're lucky; not everyone has access to a library in their community, which means some kids really end up missing out. 

Fortunately, one librarian has managed to find a way to fix this problem. As she shared in a video on TikTok, she created a book vending machine, and this is a major game changer. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?!


In the video, she explained that she became a librarian "to increase free book access," but then she realized it was impossible to get books to the kids who need them most because they aren't able to come to the library in the first place. 

She created a free book vending machine, where kids can get books to read for free, and a simple vending machine is much easier to place in different communities than a whole library. According to her other videos, she relies on donations from people (including those who fulfill her Amazon wish list) in order to end "book deserts." 

This is awesome. Books and reading have huge impacts on kids' lives and their futures, so this something amazing she's doing here. Here's hoping this expands to even more areas soon.