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Video Reveals Shocking Reality Of Life With 16 Kids

A party bus. For a car.

For most of us, just a few kids can seem like a dozen. The thought of actually having a dozen or more children is just incomprehensible. How would you possibly stay on top of things like doctor's appointments and school paperwork and laundry and all of the billions of other responsibilities that come with parenting if you had that many kids?! And yet, there are families out there with upwards of 10 kids that are surviving and thriving. It's such a mystery to the rest of us that when a family like that releases a video like this one from @kennadee_haddock, it's mesmerizing. So that's how a family of that size gets around? A party bus?? And those aren't the only secrets. 


So wow. Three refrigerators and five freezers? And two dishwashers? Sure, that totally makes sense. And that whole "backyard where all the kids can get married" thing is pretty brilliant. Imagine how much money you're saving on future locations! This is a family that's thinking ahead. Lots of commenters were quick to point out that this is only the kind of reality a family with a lot of kids can have if they're extremely wealthy, but apparently this isn't your average family; they're somewhat internet-famous. The member of the family who posted the video is the oldest sister, not the mom, and she has over 540K followers. 
Okay, so it's true that most families with 16 families aren't necessarily rolling up in a party bus. But it's also kind of fun to see how a family of this size lives when money is no object. And there are some solid ideas, too. (Like that lazy susan idea!)