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Dad Defends Himself For Teaching Daughter How to Use a Lighter

People had mixed feelings on this one.

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As a parent, it can definitely be tricky to know how to introduce dangerous concepts to our kids. Is it better to try to keep them safe by forbidding them from getting into tricky situations while knowing that sometimes, that backfires, or is it better to allow them to do something that might hurt them in the interest of teaching them a valuable lesson? 

One Dad out there has taken the second option, and so far, it seems to be working out for him — at least, as far as he's shown us on TikTok. He shared the example of teaching his daughter to use a lighter in one video, and his parenting philosophy actually makes a lot of sense.


In the video, he shared how he taught her to use a lighter safety along with the reason behind it: Because if she and her friends find one someday, he wants her to know how to use it without accidentally getting hurt. 

"If I look over and she's got the hatchet in her hand trying to chop wood or asks if she can start the fire, I don't take the quick and easy way out by saying 'no' or 'maybe next time' or 'when you're older,'" Dad explained. 

While some people were concerned for safety reasons, most of the commenters on the video applauded the way this dad is instilling confidence in his daughter.

"We need to stop treating kids like they’re incompetent," one user wrote. "That’s why so many grown adults now are incompetent. She will be smart!"

Well done, Dad!