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Mom Shows Toddler “The Lion King” for the First Time and When He Gets To *That* Scene, He Loses It

Poor buddy, we know how that one feels!

Some children's movies are like rites of passage, with moments that end up seared into the memories of young minds for years to come. Pretty much every Disney film is on that list of movies, with famously unforgettable scenes. One of the top cinematic moments every child must experience? That part in The Lion King when Scar pushes Mufasa off the cliff. So traumatic! And then Simba's a super heavy scene for little ones (and their parents, honestly). The little boy in this video from @boneybri is experiencing this for the very first time, and he is absolutely glued to the screen. His reaction? So relatable. 


Noooo! Oh buddy, we totally get it. It's pretty awful to watch something like that happen and not be able to do anything to change it. Kids don't get a lot of tragedy in their daily media consumption (nor should they), so when they see real-life horrible things happen in cartoons it's like...wait, what? That's not supposed to happen! Can't mommy do something to make him come back?
Still, it's something we all have to go through. As one commenter put it: "a generational curse we ain't gonna break." Other commenters were totally sympathetic:
"A small part died in all of us that first time"
"i still got beef wit Scar to this day"
"The whole time I was saying that baby not ready for what's about to happen"
"Oh my little buddy we all cried"
"Why you do that boy like that… this movie ruined a generation. They don’t need to know this hurt. Also… do Land Before Time next"
Poor guy. Unfortunately, this is just the first of many movie moments that will rip your heart out. But don't worry! It's a happy ending.