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Little Boy Loses It the Second He Sees Dad at Day Care

They're always fine until they see you.

It's like some kind of law of nature: Kids who are fine all morning or afternoon at daycare or nursery school will absolutely melt down the second they see their parent or caregiver when they get there to pick them up. What is that about, exactly? Something about having to hold in their emotions all day, probably...and then as soon as they see mom or dad and know they're safe, just losing all composure. 

In this video from @thesillahs, we see a little boy experiencing this phenomenon of having an emotional end-of-the-day meltdown at the sight of his father. Was he having a bad day? He seemed fine right up until he saw daddy...


Aww, poor guy! Threw his little purple toy right on the floor and broke right down. Plus, as dad wrote, this was his very first day. He looks a little bit mad, doesn't he? Like, "Hey, you left me here! And it was fine and actually I had fun but I'm still mad at you for leaving me here!"

Commenters totally understood how this little guy could have been feeling:
"He’s like how could u leave me here"
"He was just chilling until DAD came"
"The other baby said 'who is youuuuu?!'"
"I think he was happy, it was a familiar face and he was overwhelmed"
"The way he dropped that toy. The relief of knowing someone came back for him"
"These videos take me out every time. Poor buddy has been coping all day and it all floods his emotions when he sees you and can relax"

That's exactly what it is: Kids see their parent and know they can relax and everything comes out. But that's okay. That's what we're here for!