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This Little Boy Is Practically Bursting With Joy

He is so precious

What's great about little kids is how they feel their feelings so intensely. When they're excited, they're so excited! When they're angry, they're furious! When they're sad, they're inconsolable! But on the upside, when they're happy, they're so, so happy. And there's nothing sweeter than a little kid who's filled with pure, genuine joy. It's absolutely infectious, as anyone who watches this video from @boopsalot can see. This little boy couldn't be happier. He's so happy it almost seems like it hurts! And he wants everybody else to be happy, too.


Well okay! He's right...he is precious! As long as everybody else is happy, then he can be happy too. Commenters absolutely fell in love with this little sweetheart -- even Rosie O'Donnell wrote: "I love this child." People had all kinds of ideas for what this kid could do with his life, from actor to inspirational speaker. But one commenter had a more personal request: "Can you do a vid of him saying wake up so I can wake up in the morning" (what a fun idea!). Other commenters were  just blown away by all the cute: 
"it's so obvious that Baby has so much love and positivity spoken to and about him! Look at that JOYFUL CHILD."
"OMG. Just joy. Thank you for sharing him."
"Why do I feel like he’s about to tell us all “to look under our chairs” and send us home with a bunch of free stuff"
This boy is indeed an ambassador for joyfulness. What a great reminder that we can all be this happy just hanging out and eating rice with mom and dad.