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Little Boy Is Super Honest With His Mom About Getting in Trouble at School

Will this affect bedtime?

It's so hard for kids to talk to us when something happens at school, either an altercation with another kid or "getting into trouble" for some reason. They're scared that we'll automatically be angry or not understand what really happened. And sometimes, they're not even entirely sure why what they did was wrong (or if it even was wrong). 

Like in this video from @oshieashcampbell, in which a first grader is in the car with his mom after school. He's explaining to her that he got in trouble in school for talking when he wasn't supposed to, but he's not clear if what he did was actually "bad" in a moral sense. His mom handled the whole thing perfectly.


Her answer was so great: There are, indeed, worse things than talking when you're not supposed to; that said, maybe work on listening to the teacher a little better. The mom doesn't act like what the kid did was overly serious, but she didn't totally write it off. And in the process, her son learns that some rule-breaking is a grey area that doesn't necessarily equate doing something "wrong" -- just wrong in that context.

Commenters just thought this boy was the cutest...and didn't think he should have gotten in trouble at all.
"Love the honesty and innocence."
"So wholesome"
"It was 30 minutes ago.. He forgot.. I believe him.."
"my mom used to call them back seat confessions lol"
"The honesty means you are parenting so so right"
"He’s the cutest. Preschool teacher here who doesn’t understand on what planet we expect kids to do things we can’ not talk in a line."
"He is adorable …thankfully he doesn’t get early bed time."
"This says so so much! He will come to you about anything, he is honest and kind, y’all communicate so damn well!"
"I adore this conversation!!!! What a wonderful relationship you have with your son. As a mom with adult kids now , you have no idea how important this is"
"Awww! Good on ya little dude! Lessons learned today!! And way to go mom - nicely done"

Such a sweet conversation, and what a great example of how to handle a topic that can be tricky. Great job, mom.