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Little Boy Does Have a Job, Thank You Very Much

He's self-employed.

What do little kids think jobs are, really? You can try to explain to them about work and money and the things people do for a living and why, but what do they actually understand? It's hard to say. 

Like the adorable little boy in this video from @tierrawhack. He's pretty convinced that he has a job. You have to wonder how the conversation started. Maybe his mom had to go to work? Maybe they were just talking about professions and the things people do when they grow up. Or maybe he was just pretending that he was working at some job or another, and his mom asked him about it. Who knows? However it happened, he wants his mom to know that he does have a job. 


See that? Mom better listen, because that boy is employed. It's not perfectly clear at what, but that doesn't really matter. Maybe his job is to look cute and snuggle on his Spiderman bed. That would be a pretty cool job to have. Maybe his job is to get up and go to preschool every day. Either way, he's doing his job by himself, got it?

Commenters were definitely charmed by this hard-working little fellow...
"Hey lil cuz... he said he sole proprietor"
"Yes I do by myself at my job"
"The facial expressions"
"the 'oh'"
"A self employed king"
"Girl he work from home! It’s remote!"
"He’s an entrepreneur!!"
"He got it all figured out already"
"He the CEO end of story lol"

It does sound like this little guy is in charge of his career destiny. He knows what he's doing, and  he can do it by himself. Will he get paid? That's another question entirely.