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Little Boy’s Merengue Moves Are Fire

The kid can dance!

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Everybody has some kind of talent or something they're good at, but it can take a long time (sometimes a lifetime) to figure out what that thing is. With other people, though, they show a predisposition for doing certain things really well very early on. Maybe it's because they were exposed to the right inspiration when they were super small, who knows? The point is, some kids show amazing talents when they're still really little.

A perfect example is the boy in this video from @ladyliz8. He's just hanging out in the living room with his sister, both of them dancing around to the music playing on the TV. But when this kid gets going? Those are some smooth moves. 

There are adults who can't merengue like that! Some people just have "it" when it comes to dancing, and this kid is one of those blessed with the ability to groove. All he needs is a partner (little sister still just needs a little more practice). Of course, the fact that he's doing all of this in Spider-Man pajamas just makes the whole thing that much cuter. 

Commenters agreed that this little boy is a joy to watch:

"It's the merengue dancing Spider-Man for me"
"put them in dance, they were both on beat"
"The little tip toes thoooo TOO CUTE"
"Lmaoooo get it Spider-Man"
"This makes me scream!! So cute!"
"it's in the blood"
"He so smooth with it"

It's true, this kid's moves are ridiculously smooth for somebody still wearing superhero pajamas. Chances are he'll grow up still loving both...Spider-Man and merengue!

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