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Baby Is Totally Terrified of His Dad in a Helmet

Poor little dude.

It's so funny how babies get used to seeing their parents a certain way, and they can get so upset when something happens to alter their mom or dad's appearance. Whether it's a new hair color or cut, a pair of eyeglasses (or the absence thereof), even sometimes a hat can be a little off-putting. 

In this video from @cherrymacwill, a little boy is faced with his daddy in a motorcycle helmet. He's just sitting at his high chair, having a little snack, everything is perfectly fine...and then in comes daddy with his helmet. Clearly his meal is not going to be a peaceful one anymore. 


Poor guy! He got so incredibly upset. At first he was scared, and then he was sad, and then he was mad. Like, why did daddy have to wear that stupid helmet and stress me out like this?! I was just trying to have my snack! Then he probably started thinking more about what daddy was doing with that helmet, and that probably made him even more mad, because usually helmets are required for fun stuff. So that means his daddy was doing something fun without him, and then he had the nerve to come in the house and scare the pants off him. The indignation!

One commenter had a pretty brilliant idea as to what might have been going through the little boy's head:
"he thought the helmet monster ate his dad's head"

Well, that would be pretty scary. Here's hoping this little guy gets over his helmet phobia soon.