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Little Boy Has Unique Way Of Soaking Up The Outdoors

That's one way to stay hydrated

Every kid has their own way of enjoying the outdoors. Some love to play in the mud, some love to climb trees. Of the two kids in this video from @krystianatiana, one is all about just lying down in the grass and feeling the ground underneath her. Sort of a chill, zen approach to outdoorsy fun. The second kid, on the other hand, takes a totally different tactic. He's found some sprinklers, and he's low enough to the ground to make them work as fountains. He's also the perfect size to play in the spray. First, though, he's all about trying to catch the stream of water in his mouth. 


He's having a blast! Who needs a pool or a trip to the beach or the water park? This little guy has it all figured out. His sister must not be very interested in getting wet, since she didn't get in on the fun, but it would have been even better if he had another kid to play with in the sprinklers. His mom's explanation: "Boys are built different." And she's not wrong! Commenters were relating all over the place:
"I was starting to feel a little concerned about my son... not anymore"
 "Spiderman : Drinking water & coming home"
"Why is no one Talking about his spiderman Stance"
"Lmao definitely relatable my son will jump in puddles, anything that’s wet, meanwhile my Daughter will barely walk on grass"
"Hahahaha why are boys like this??"
"That's definitely my son. When he goes outside, I literally stop everything to be a security"
Boy moms are totally feeling this mom. (To be fair, though, there are plenty of wild, sprinkler-loving girls out there too.)