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Little Brother Beautifully Comforts Big Sister after Brutal Break-Up

He’s the best.

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Relationships can be tough, there's no question. No matter how old you are or how many relationship miles you have under your belt, they don't necessarily get any easier...but there's something about those early heartbreaks that's especially painful. Those first breakups a person goes through can hurt a lot, and you need all the support you can get.

From this video, it looks like @ifyouknowmeyoudont2006 has been through a rough breakup recently. But she has a cheerleader in the form of her little brother, who thinks that the person who broke up with her is a fool because she's the most beautiful, talented, amazing person ever. 

So sweet! Everybody going through a heartbreak deserves somebody like this girl's little brother to help them get through it. Can you imagine how much more quickly people would get over their broken hearts if they had somebody like that to tell them how they deserve so much better and they're going to be okay? Too bad you can't rent one of those guys. 

Commenters were so moved by the sweetness of this little boy:
"So sweet OMG. He's gonna be a kind man when he grows up"
"Okay but he has to be protected at all cost...he's saying nothing but the truth"
"He deserves the best and so do you, bless you guys"
"He's not wrong my lady! Say this every day out loud"
"My baby brother is 2 years old so all he says is 'it's okay don't cry'"
"family will always love and be there for ya whenever others can't"

This girl definitely has a fan for life, and that's got to help soothe the sting of heartbreak just a little bit. 

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