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Mom Teaches Daughter 'Little Brown Girl' Dance and Ends Up With Unexpectedly Emotional Moment Instead

She was really soaking in those lyrics.

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If you spend time on TikTok, there's a chance you've come across videos featuring the song 'Little Brown Girl.' Sung by Ebony Jenae, the song reminds Black girls how strong, powerful, and beautiful they are, despite the fact that they live in a world that might incorrectly tell them otherwise. Like many other songs gaining traction on TikTok, there's a dance that goes with it — it's a really fun trend.

One mom on TikTok was attempting to teach her daughter the dance and ended up with an emotional moment she did not expect. Instead of learning the moves, her daughter was totally focused on her mom and the lyrics... it seems like those words really had an impact on her in that moment, and it's amazing to see.


"I was trying to teach her the dance but this happened Instead..." Mom wrote in the video. "Special moments." 

Many people watching the video were touched to see how that moment played out. "I smiled the whole time. I know this pierced her spirit," one commenter wrote, while another added, "Brown babies need to hear this and I’m so glad you’re raising her with love like this." 

This is a moment that this mom will never forget, and we have a feeling it'll end up being extra meaningful to her daughter as she remembers those words when she grows. Whether or not she learned the dance, it seems like the message of it sunk in, and that's what really matters.