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Little Girl's Oscar-Worthy Performance Gets More Money Out of Daddy


Kids learn really early how to ask for what they want. They also learn really early that money is required for most of the things they want....even the stuff they're getting on a pretend shopping trip. Well, how else are they supposed to pay the imaginary ice cream man?

The adorable little girl in this video from @princessjoanns definitely understands that she needs money for the stuff she's going to buy on her pretend shopping trip, and she doesn't want to fool around with any pretend money, either. She wants the real stuff, straight from daddy's wallet. 

Good thing daddy is feeling generous. And when he thinks she's had enough? Well, that's when the major drama skills come out. She makes an impossibly sad face, brings her hands up to her face...and pretty soon, she has her money.

Poor dad. Can't blame him for being a sucker when his daughter is that cute. She's going to take all his money over the years anyway, might as well start giving her what she wants now. What's she  going to buy with all that money? Sparkly jewels? A new princess dress? Another hair bow? Or maybe it's a more practical pretend shopping trip, for groceries or something like that. 

Commenters were so charmed:
"The crying is the best performance I’ve seen"
"How much money does she have in that purse lol"
"Oh she’s going to a problem! Somebody son’s going to have huge shoes to fill"
"That’s not it dad, that’s a lie & you know it. That’s gonna go on til she’s 18!!!!"

Awww. She's a daddy's girl for sure! Especially if she keeps working on that fake cry.