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Little Girl's Cafe Serves Moms Broccoli Only

No cookie for you, Mom!

There's nothing more fun than playing pretend with a little one, especially "pretend cafe." It's so cute to see what kind of "menu" they come up with, and how they treat their customers, and what kind of a kitchen they run. (Seriously, some are taskmasters!) 

Sometimes, a kid's pretend menu depends on what kind of fake food they have in stock. The little girl in this video from @saruh2themax has plenty of plastic broccoli on hand, and she has a real, actual cookie. But she's eating that cookie. Guess what mom gets to eat?


Sorry, mom! Broccoli is better for you, anyway. Your chef knows what's best. It's so hilarious that the mom says she was put on a strict diet "due to her audacity." Hey, when kids get a little control in the food department, they can be pretty strict. (With you, anyway.) 

Commenters could not get over what an old soul this little girl seems to be...she's like someone who's been working night shifts at the diner for the past 20 years."She's giving me truck stop waitress vibes she's seen it all, heard it all, and she's done with it," wrote one commenter, while others chimed in:
"Her side eye while she’s grabbing the broccoli is SENDING me"
"It’s the walk off for me lol like “girl here’s this broccoli. I’m going on break"
"Bro ain’t no way that’s a child the amount of sasss and emotion behind “that’s mines” lol and the eye roll"
"I’ve never been more convinced someone has lived multiple lives"
“What would you like ma’am?” “That cookie looks pretty good!” “What would you like ma’am?” 
Clearly there will be many more meals eaten at this cafe. Here's hoping mom gets to eat something besides broccoli someday.