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Little Girl Sounds Just Like Mom When She Calls for Dad

Babe, we're leaving!

If you ever want to know what you sound like when you're nagging your spouse or arguing with the electric company on the phone or complaining about a day gone wrong, you don't have to go far. Just listen to your kids, who basically parrot everything you do. In the exact tone of voice you use and everything. 

Just take this video from @kenzieshayne. Everybody's getting ready to go somewhere, and daddy is not ready yet. Mommy is ready, the little girl is ready...but where's dad? The daughter decides to issue a casual threat, one she's no doubt heard her mom call out countless times...
"Babe, we're leaving!"


So hilarious. Not, "Daddy, time to go!" or "Daddy, hurry up!" Just an urgent "Babe, we're leaving!" So mature. She doesn't know why daddy is taking is sweet time, but she's not here for it. When it's time to go, it's time to go. You get that, daddy? Babe??

Commenters found this scene truly relatable...
"And I love that Dad just going w the flow cute cute cute!!"
"My daughter called me babe before she said mama"
"I teach pre-K and one of my kids tells me 'my momma name is babe'"
"I think it’s so cute when kids call their parents babe"
"i literally used to call my dad by his nickname bc that’s all i heard"
"My daughter called me babe before she called me dad"

Clearly, this little girl isn't the only one flying fast and loose with the terms of endearment. Someday, she'll definitely figure out that little girls don't call their dads babe and she'll stop...and that day will honestly be a little bit sad.