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This Little Girl Discovering That Some Dresses Have Pockets Is All of Us

The second part of her life is about to begin.

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If you often wear dresses and skirts or shop in the women's department, there's a very good chance that you know the struggle: there are far more fake pockets on these clothes than real ones. This means that we're forced to carry a purse or some kind of bag with us when we're out and about, which can seriously get annoying — but it also means that when we do discover a dress that has pockets, it's a uniquely thrilling experience. 

And now, there's at least one little girl out there we know is getting to experience that thrill for herself for the very first time. One mom on TikTok shared a video explaining to her daughter that some dresses have pockets, and she had the best reaction. 

Girl, your life is about to get so much better!


In the video, we see a little girl named Zaniyah learn the good word from her mom after she discovered that she's wearing a dress that has pockets. At first, she seems to be in disbelief, and then, she's in awe. 

"You're speaking for all the ladies everywhere," her mom says in the video after Zaniyah agrees that every dress should have pockets like this.

We can't say we disagree with her — just wait until she gets her very first dress with pockets and finds out how useful they are.

A place to keep your wallet, your phone, your snacks... all dresses really should come with pockets.