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Little Girl Slowly Falls In Love With Ice Cream Bar

So many emotions

Videos of babies and toddlers trying foods for the first time just never get old. The surprise! The delight! Or...the disgust! In this hilarious video from @annamariapdtk, a toddler tries her first taste of a chocolate ice cream bar...and she's not quite sure what she thinks at first. There's a whole spectrum of emotions this little girl goes through (and what do you expect from a girl's first taste of chocolate?). She goes from being unsure but curious to doing a little happy dance to throwing a mini tantrum for another bite. Hey, it's chocolate. Her reaction is totally understandable. 


Forget this whole sharing thing. She would like that entire ice cream bar for herself,  please and thank you very much. Who can blame her? It's so much fun to share the joy of something that's so simple yet so ice cream. These are the little pleasures that mean so much to kids, and honestly, to adults, too. That's why these videos are so endearing...they're so relatable! Commenters were totally on board with everything about this little one's first taste of ice cream:
"It's the little dance for me"
"She’s like 'excuse me mom that’s my ice cream'"
"She literally said 'it’s mine now'"
"I throw tantrums when people take away my ice cream too"
"Her little dance haha how cute is she"
"Lol omg she also does the little dance us girls do when we get happy about our food, so cute"
It's true, ice cream has been known to inspire a jig or two in adults, as well. Like the saying goes, we all scream for ice cream...and this little girl is now part of the club.