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Little Girl Is Very Upset with Her "Kitty Cat"

That kitty cat just does not want to behave.

How do you know toddlers aren't patient enough for real pets? Because tbh, they're not even patient enough for toy pets sometimes. In this ridiculously cute video from @charliegeter, a toddler girl is having a tough time getting her toy kitty cat to behave. He keeps making some sort of weird noise she doesn't like, despite the fact that she told him "No, no, no" several times (all with the cutest angry face ever).

Will that kitty cat ever do as he's told? Dad seems to think he needs more telling off. (Probably because it's pretty funny.)


She is just too cute. So sassy! If that were a real kitty cat, she might actually be able to discipline the animal, but this one runs on batteries, so it's never going to happen. Literally none of that matters, though, because the world can't get over how adorable it is when this little girl gets mad at her fake kitty cat:

"Her lil scrunched up nose! I literally cannot handle all this cuteness!!!"
"Her angry face is simply the absolute cutest thing to exist."
"the way she is so dramatic abt everythin LOL it's me"
"I love it when Charlie makes her angry Face She is so sweet"
"Charlie telling the cat off is the best thing hahaha"
"she so cute when she is get angry"
"Her little facial expressions"

It is just over-the-top how cute her expressions are. It's so funny how an emotion like this can look so adorable in a toddler and so terrifying in, say, a tween, but at least that's a long way off for Charlie's parents. For now, they just have to worry about misbehaving toy kitty cats making Charlie mad.