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Little Girl Gives Her Mom a Lecture About Dolls

Her is a doll!

Dolls are for pretend play, and kids know this, but sometimes it's hard to tell how far they're taking the whole pretend thing. Like, they know it's not real, and you know it's not real, but are you both saying that out loud right now or are you operating under the pretense that the doll is real? Pretend play can get confusing. 

That's the issue in this video from @mymadisyn. The little girl is swinging her doll around in a way that would surely end in severe head trauma were her doll actually alive. So, her mom (in pretend mode) says "Put her down, you're hurting her."

And that's when this little girl loses it. Because she apparently wasn't in pretend mode. 


So hilarious. She's like, OMG MOM. IT'S A DOLL WILL YOU CHILL OUT PLEASE?! But how was mom to know that her doll wasn't "real" in that moment? Mom was just trying to be a good playmate. You really can't blame her. At the same time, it is nice to know that this little girl has her feet planted firmly in reality. 

Commenters just loved this little girl's sass...
"Well she showed you"
"It’s giving when Elmo gets mad at Zoe for talking like Rocco is alive ahahaha too cute my baby fever rn"
"She said 'dont you dare accuse me of hurting her, she doesn’t feel anything because MOM she’s a doll'"
"She seems like she’s tried to have this talk before"
"she knew you were gonna say some type of nonsense and was ready for it"
"im sorry but the "dolls like doing that" is too funny"
"she's gonna grow up being the mos logical girl on the grup who will give advice to her friends who is in toxic relationship"

This little girl is definitely the type to speak her truth! She's keeping it as real as it gets.