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Little Girl Flips Over Her New Bedroom

You can't blame her!

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Most kids ask for toys for the holidays, with the occasional big ask: a new video game console, a puppy, a baby brother or sister. But some kids think outside of the box. They think about things like...interior design.

Like the little girl in this video from @chynadoll224. According to her mom, the 3-year-old asked Santa for a big girl bedroom. And Santa delivered, big-time. The sheer joy on this little girl's face as she runs around the's gonna make you want to do some redecorating, that's for sure.

She loves it so much!! "Anything to make her smile," wrote the mom, adding "(I actually cried a lil)." Overhauling this bedroom was no doubt a ton of work, as these things always are, but all of the effort was so totally worth it. The way she screams when she turns on the rainbow light for the first time! And it's so adorable when she has to get down off the bed. She's definitely a teeny tiny bit nervous to go down the slide in the beginning, but what a thrill!

Commenters were so inspired by both this mom's efforts and the little girl's thankful, happy reaction:

"I've seen so many 'surprises gone wrong' it was exhausting. Seeing her be so grateful and excited restored my hope!"
"Even the dog happy"
"This is such a beautiful thing 'Santa' did for her! You are an incredible mom!"
"Omg so precious. I love this. Her appreciation is so organic and genuine, yours too. Good job MOM"

New room, new year...this little girl is ready for it!

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