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This Little Girl's Unapologetic Love of Carbs Is the Energy We All Need

Is there anything better than chips?

As adults, a lot of different factors get in the way of enjoying food. We're thinking about calories, whether or not something is healthy, if it fits into our current diet... and suddenly, food isn't fun anymore. Why do carbs have to be evil now that we're all grown up? It can be a real bummer, and looking at our kids eating what they like without any stress attach reminds us of how simple it all used to be. 

It can be that simple again, especially if we use this little girl from TikTok as an example. She's just munching on her lunch happily and without a care in the world because she loves food — mostly carbs, because she has good taste.


In the clips, the little girl is out at Bartaco with her mom, eating some tortilla chips and enjoying the view from her seat. "I'm so happy," she says as she takes another bite.

"The moment you realize you've created a mini carbaholic & dine out monster like yourself," her mom wrote in the caption.

Her daughter is totally right — it's okay to be happy while eating a food you love, and we all need to start adopting that energy going forward. Who among us doesn't want to dance while eating tortilla chips? 

May all of us remember this little girl the next time we go out to eat and consider skipping carbs altogether. If they can make a kid this happy, they can't be bad for us!