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Little Girls Is All Smiles When See Sees Her New Bright Pink Hair

She is beyond thrilled!

There are few better feelings than having your hair freshly done. There's just something about having a new cut and color that you love that puts a spring in your step, and that doesn't just apply to adults — it totally happens to kids, too, and this video is proof. Who doesn't love a self esteem boost?

In a video one mom shared to TikTok, a little girl got a preview of her brand new pink hair, and her reaction shows just how much she's loving her new look. If only we could all be this thrilled with every change we've made to our hair! If you've been undecided about letting your kids change their hair color to something bright over the summer, this might just be the tipping point.


At first, she looks pretty happy, but then, when the stylist (who also happens to be her mom) flips the little girl's hair over her shoulders so she can see exactly how much the color pops... that look on her face is pure joy. 

While letting your kid dye her hair pink is surely a controversial decision for some, the comments were filled with messages of support for this mom and her daughter.

"I love this — it’s so important to let children express themselves," one user wrote.

Another added, "Oh my god. If I were you I would’ve been bawling. I don’t think people realize the gravity that creative expression can have on kids." 

This is a core memory for this little girl for sure — and probably for her mom, too. She's already rocking that pink hair!