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Little Girl Insists She Needs to "Spend People" and Dad Is Confused

Um, what?

Sometimes kids just get it into their heads that they need to do things a certain way. They can't give you a reason why, necessarily, they just know they have to do it the way they want to do it and that's all there is to it. Unfortunately, their parents are often left clueless. 

Take the little girl in this video from @charliegeter. She's got her "work," which is very important to her, and she most definitely needs to take it out of the room with her when they go out. Why? Because she needs to "spend people," of course. Yes, of course. But...what?


It's hilarious how the dad tries to get her to explain herself, even as his voice sounds slightly alarmed. Like, "spending people" could be a pretty crazy thing. Was she planning on handing Daddy over at the store to pay for her toy? Or is "spending" people her way of saying she wants to meet people? What any of this has to do with her "work" is just baffling. 

Commenters had a few ideas about what might have been going on.
"Her people might want to see her work while she’s at the store! Duh! Let her work!"
"yeah, I think she means, "I need to spend TIME with people who love me so." that's precious!"
"“I’ve got to spend people and drink my drink” me at the bar on friday nights"
"PLS try to understand!! she needs to spend some people"
"Am I the only one who thought she said she needs to “spend people’s money”?"
"She needs her work, and she needs to spend time with people and don't forget that cuties drink!!"

Whatever this little girl's agenda was, she was definitely very passionate about it. Here's hoping she got to spend all the people she could.