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Little Girl Is Gifted a Surprise Puppy and Her Reaction Definitely Made It Worth It

They'll be friends for life!

Getting your child a pet is a super big deal, and there are tons of things to consider before you decide if you're really ready. Some parents prefer to wait until their kids are older and can more actively help take care of the pet, but others prefer to get a pet when their kids are little so they grow up together. Some parents start out with starter pets, like goldfish or hamsters, while others go straight to dogs and cats. 

In this video from @shawnmichellefitness, a little girl is getting a big, big surprise from her parents. It's a pink box, which is already promising, but what's inside? "She literally mainfested this for the last year," wrote the mom, so we can assume that the girl has been asking for this pretty frequently!


That has got to be one of the cutest puppies ever. And her reaction was so sweet! Not only was she genuinely excited, of course, but she was so super gentle with the puppy and concerned for his (her?) well-being. She's clearly going to want to help out with the care and feeding of this little furball, even if she is too young to take on poop-scoop duties just yet. 

Commenters were so happy for her, and completely insistent that the parents let the little girl name the puppy Bingo.
"I just know his name better be bingo"
"And there u have it. That’s how Bingo got his Name-O"
"The way she’s so gentle"
"Something tells me she likes to watch Bluey! Bingo is such an adorable and perfect name for a doggy"

Whether or not that puppy's name ends up being Bingo or not, he'll be a great friend. What a pair these two will make!