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Little Girl Promises to Use Her "Sweet" Words

She was saying "sour" words before, we guess.

Sometimes, kids get in bad moods and they take out their bad moods on everybody else. In those cases, it's up to parents to shake them out of those bad moods and remind them how they act when they're in better moods. Kind of like you're talking them down from a very high place.

That's what's happening in this video from @themcfam. A toddler girl has been "acting like a mean girl," apparently. Not sure exactly what that entailed, but her mom is now trying to convince her to use her "sweet" words, and the little girl agrees that yes, she can do it. But what would those sweet words be?  


Her sweet words to daddy, apparently? "I want some grapes," her mother wrote. Well. Those are definitely not mean words. And grapes are sweet, so you can kind of see where she might have been coming from. Or maybe the thing was that she just wanted some grapes. 

Commenters were definitely amused, and could totally relate...
"the fast little whispers she’s like let’s just get this over with"
"She’s already got a little bit of that teenager attitude, love her!"
"Oh, I love that, Mommy! Sweet words, great idea!"
"Grapes are sweet."
"Sweet girl Evie is just having a day!!!!"
"thank you! I think it's so important for us to acknowledge mean girl behavior in our own kids. not easy"
"Sometimes you have to remind kids their behavior doesn’t match their true beauty. I love her!"

Toddlers have many moods, and not all of them are sweet...quite a few of them are pretty sour, or at least rather salty. But put them all together, and you get a pretty tasty kid.