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Little Girl Is Gonna Eat ALL the Tacos


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You know how sometimes you take a bite of something and you're just like...oh yeah. I'm going to eat all of this, and then I'm going to find more, and then I'm going to eat all of that? It's such an awesome experience, the first time you try something you really love to eat. Like, love to eat. 

That's what's happening in this adorable video from @maldonadofamilia5. A little girl is eating a chicken taco, and you know something? She's going to eat it all. Because this food? She loves this food.

Who hasn't felt the same exact way eating tacos?? This little girl has no idea how many people have felt just as she's feeling in this moment of culinary delight. Chicken tacos are a magical thing, it's true. Does she approach all food with the same gusto? Hard to say, because tacos are better than most food. But it's a safe bet that she knows good food when she tastes it. 

Commenters thought she was just too cute, and totally understood where she was coming from...
"damn, thats what every mom who cooks a homemade meal wants to hear"
"She said with so much passion! I love it! She is so adorable!"
"Why is it so adorable when she does it? But I get called greedy when I do it?"
"She's realizing early that #tacosarelife"
"Kids are honest. It must be dam good"
"Commercial material"
"That is my inner child"

It seems this little one has tapped into a universal truth here. (And it's also just super awesome to see a little kid who's super excited about eating something that's not chicken fingers or mac and cheese.) Welcome to the club, little taco-lover!