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Little Girl’s Dance Moves Win for Most Enthusiastic

She's got style!

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If you haven't beamed from ear-to-ear yet today over something that was so cute you literally couldn't stand it, then this is the video you need to watch. Had a hard day? A harder week? Whatever ails you, this video will go a long way in fixing it. 

From @zsnsmith, it features three adorable little kids doing a choreographed dance routine, but one of them has things a little backwards. Not that it matters, though, because her enthusiasm is so infectious her dance moves are the clear winners. And the look on her face? It's beyond cute.

She starts out totally on point with those two stomps, but once she has to start going in one direction or the other, then things start getting a little tricky. No worries, though, because she's still got a super positive attitude! And she's gonna keep on going! 

Commenters absolutely loved this darling little girl, with some even suggesting she try dance classes...
"The baby is having the time of her life. Bros like 'the stuff we gotta do to keep her smiling'"
"No one's talking about how impressive her memory is for dance moves at this age!! Put her in a dance class"
"That smile on her face is everything!"
"Man I watched this like 5 times. That baby's smile is everything!"
"Her smile the whole time"
"Well, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life"

Seriously, it doesn't get much cuter than this baby's dance. She's feeling that beat, and making her own moves, and that's all that matters.