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Watch Little Boy Fly Around the Living Room With This incredible Swing Parents Built

Adults are all commenting that they want one!

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Parents have all said it at some time or another: Kids today absolutely have it made. Toys in 2022 are just so much cooler than they were when we were kids, whether it's about the technology that's been invented since then or the fact that basically every new Barbie set is superior to the ones we used to play with. If only we could do it all over again! 

And if you're looking for an idea for something fun that even adults want to take part in, all you need to do is watch this TikTok video. These parents showed off a swing they created inside their house for their son, and it looks like so much fun. 

The swing is mounted from the ceiling, and he's practically flying all over their living room, thanks to be what looks like a bungee attachment. He's spinning all around, even pushing off of the couch, and it looks like he's having a great time. Where do we get one of these — not for our kids, but for ourselves? 

In the caption, the post referred to this as a "sensory swing," which have become popular in recent years. Though we can't see why all kinds of kids would enjoy this type of swing, they're found to be particularly useful (and even therapeutic) for neurodivergent kids. 

In an earlier video on their TikTok account, the OP shared a video of the toddler's dad swinging away himself, proving that people of all ages can enjoy a swing like this (just make sure it's rated for a higher weight limit first, of course). 

A fun way to get that sensory output sorted that the parents can get in on, too? Sign us up. 

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