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Mom Films Son Jamming to Lizzo While He Makes Them Dinner

This is too cute!

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Most of us learned a long time ago that listening to the right music (and even singing along) can make chores go by a lot faster — and it makes them way more fun to do. And now, one kid seems to be learning that lesson as well, with a little bit of Lizzo to help him out.

A mom on TikTok shared a video of her son singing along to "About Damn Time" while he washes the dishes and makes spaghetti for them both. As if we weren't impressed enough by a kid who so happily helps around the house, we have to admit that it's even better seeing him jam and have fun while he does it.


He's fully into it, dancing and singing every word (even the ones that are usually censored out!), and the spaghetti he serves up at the end looks pretty good! 

The best part of the video has to be the end, though, when he looks up and realizes his mom has been filming him the entire time. "What, are you going to film me in the shower next?" he asks sarcastically.

He's got the moves, he cooks, and he has a sense of humor — what more could a mom want in a kid? 

Good for this mom for raising such a sweet son. This house must be full of so many laughs (and so much music).