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Little Boy Who Loves Long Hair Cuts It After Cousin Gets Diagnosed With Cancer

He loves his cousin more.

Coping with someone you love receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a very scary thing, especially for kids who are still learning how to process their big emotions. But it's also a chance for a family to step up and pull together for the person who is fighting the disease. Some people even end up shaving their hair out of solidarity for a relative who has lost their hair due to chemo — such a touching gesture.

One little boy wanted to do exactly that for his cousin who is battling cancer. Of course, this was a big personal sacrifice for him, because he loved his long hair, but as his mom shared in a video on TikTok, it was also important for him to support his cousin however he could.


In the footage, we can see the little boy in the stylist's chair at the salon, and he sure did have a lot of hair to shave! At first, he looked really nervous, and was even doing some breathing exercises to keep his emotions in check. Some tears were certainly shed along the way, showing how much this meant to him, but we love that we got to see him smiling proudly next to his cousin at the end of the video, showing off his new bald look.

"So proud of my boy today. He was sooo sure what he needed to do," Mom wrote in the caption.

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It becomes even more meaningful when you watch the video she shared without the song playing over it so we can hear what the little boy is saying during his haircut. 

This little boy is so strong. It's amazing that he was able to support his cousin in this way during such a difficult time.

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