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Women Suspect They Are Long Lost Twins After Meeting at University

This is the IRL Parent Trap.

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If you ever watched The Parent Trap as a kid, there's a very good chance you've imagined what it would be like to discover that you had a long lost twin out there — preferably while at summer camp, of course. Situations like this are very rare outside of movies, which is a good thing; we imagine that an actual situation like this would be a lot to process. But it has happened in real life before, as wild as that is.

One example are these women on TikTok... though they met for the first time at college instead of camp. And though they haven't been able to confirm their suspicions yet, after hearing their reasoning, we have to admit that we would totally watch their movie, too. 

These ladies met for the first time when they attended the same college in the Netherlands — something they say happened totally by chance. They're both blonde, they both have German parents, and they share the exact same birthday. And as if that isn't spooky enough, the connections don't end there.

Their dads studied together at college themselves and were best friends, and one of the women's moms admitted to having a crush on the other dad when they first met. Hmm...

"We think there's something going on we don't know about, 'cause we're just the same," one of the women admitted.

In the comments, a lot of people encouraged them to get DNA testing done, and some even asked for a reality show. We'd watch that! 

Here's hoping they'll share an update soon. These coincidences just don't add up... 

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