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Parents Share Their “Loose Parenting” Style and TBH It Is Very Old School

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When our kids are tiny, a lot of us have tendencies to become helicopter parents — we don't want our babies to get hurt! But sometimes, giving them the freedom to explore and practice being human without us hovering is ultimately what helps them figure out the world around them the best. 

You've heard about gentle parenting by now for sure, but what about "loose parenting?" This TikTok video gives a good example of what that entails, starting from the time babies are old enough to crawl (or maybe even earlier than that). 


In the video, we can see Dad hanging out in the background on his laptop. And while he's watching his baby explore, he does nothing but laugh when he sees her take a tumble off the stairs (and neither does Mom, who is presumably the one behind the camera). 

But instead of panicking or crying, baby girl just rolls herself over and continues crawling with a huge smile on her face. Hey, maybe these parents are onto something! 

In the comment, there were other parents who claim to practice this kind of parenting as well, with one saying they describe it as "free range" and another calling it "doing dangerous things carefully." 

Mom and Dad were keeping an eye on her, and she was on a carpeted step, which means she likely couldn't have gotten hurt anyway. As far as we can tell, this is a great way to let this little one learn!