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Mom Captures Adorable Moment She Tells Toddler They Need to Wash His Beloved Lovey

He was struggling so hard!

As a parent, you know there's one thing you can't mess with, and that's a child's lovey. Sometimes, no matter how old they get, that blanket or plush or beloved toy (whatever it happens to be) is essential to their survival, so being apart from it is not an option. How many of us have bought a backup (or two) just in case the unthinkable happens so we can secretly replace said lovey when they're not looking?

But sometimes, we do need to wash the lovey, and sometimes even that is a longer separation than our kids would prefer... like this adorable toddler on TikTok. As we can see in the video, Mom tried to explain that his lovey needed a bath because it was "disgusting" (we can understand that) and he was not into it whatsoever. Poor guy! 


Even though Mom promised him that his lovey would be clean and ready for him by nap time, he still refused, and even tried to reschedule wash day for the next day instead. He was really struggling with the idea that his toy — which he named Snuggle — needed to be washed. He was holding onto him for dear life!

Despite Mom and Dad's efforts to do silly voices and even use some fart humor, he could not be convinced, and there were many, many tears involved. 

Hopefully, this kiddo was okay; his mom did confirm that "all is well" now. 

He must have at least appreciated getting a nice, clean Snuggle back before he took a nap. Bath time isn't everyone's favorite, but we all gotta do it!