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Mom Finds Daughter Has Saved Every Lunch Note from Her Dad

She’ll treasure these forever.

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Sometimes we do things for our children that we're not even sure they appreciate, we just do them because we want to show them how much we care. Like making smiley face pancakes or telling a particular bedtime story before bed every night, these gestures seem to go unnoticed most of the time, so we can trick ourselves into believing that they're not a big deal or our kids don't really care.

But we would be so wrong, as this video from @sabrinamatata proves. Her husband has been writing their daughter little notes in her lunchbox every day for what looks to be years, and it turns out his daughter has saved them all. Just a huge collection of little encouraging notes from dad telling her to have a good day in a multitude of ways. It's so incredibly moving to see all the notes together like that, and to know that they meant so much to the daughter.

The little things really do matter. Our efforts do make a difference. Who knows how many times that little girl might have been having a hard time and then got a funny note from her dad that changed everything. Or an encouraging note, reminding her to do her best. You have to hope this dad keeps writing notes and the daughter keeps saving them. They would have volumes upon volumes of positivity. 

Commenters were so emotional over this video. There were those who wished they had dads like this one, those who were inspired to start writing notes with their own kids. One commenter even noted that their own mother wrote notes like these, and they were so important because her mom worked long hours and they couldn't see her much. 

Never underestimate the things you do for your children! They might appreciate it all a lot more than you think.