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Video of Lyft Driver Having a Conversation With Kid Left In His Car Is Cracking Everyone Up

Kids say the darndest things...

Some of our kids experience major stranger danger, but others don't mind chatting up a storm with someone they've never met before. Usually, this can lead to pretty funny circumstances, but we don't know if we've ever seen a situation like this play out before.

Though a lot of us likely wouldn't leave our kid alone with a stranger for too long, desperate times call for desperate measures, and for whatever reason, one mom decided to leave her child in the car with their Lyft driver while she was doing something else. Fortunately, the driver ended up being a good guy, and he even managed to have a hilarious conversation with the kid in the backseat while his mom was busy.


The Lyft driver kept the camera on himself while filming a video he then shared on TikTok, but we can hear a little voice coming from the backseat, asking so many questions. We can't believe how unbothered by the situation this little boy was! He was asking what the driver likes to eat (pizza) and even went on a rant about "unboneless wings." It's amazing! 

Commenters had mixed opinions. While just about everyone thought the boy was funny, others were worried about his safety, which makes sense. This could have ended so badly!

Fortunately, this little boy was safe with the driver he had until his mom was finished with her errand. Props to the Lyft driver for keeping him safe and playing along. He seemed to love that conversation!