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Magnetic Contact Paper Is About To Be Your New BFF

We’re talking hours of fun...

Keeping kids entertained at home is no easy task, especially when you're staring down the barrel of a house that needs to be cleaned or work that needs to be done and you know your kids aren't going to let it happen. Sometimes, this is when screen time really comes in handy. Other times, we need an actual activity that will keep our kids happy and distracted for a good, solid amount of time.

Enter: magnetic contact paper, which we didn't even know existed until now. According to one mom on TikTok, this is a game changer, and it creates basically no mess, which is what we've been searching for! 


Attaching magnetic contact paper to any surface gives the kids an instant magnet board to play with, which can also be used with Magna-Tiles — a toy that many of us already have in our houses! This mom said she ordered this paper from Amazon, and it kept her kids busy all morning, which is enough of a glowing review to convince us we need to order some ourselves! 

It's also great for little kids  — we're talking young toddlers here — who can't always take part in the same activities that their older siblings can. And like we said, there's no mess here, and the mom shared that she had no problem removing the contact paper from the wall without any damage (though, of course, your mileage may vary, so test it out in a small area first). 

One helpful parent added in the comments that it can also be used as a white board surface, and It seems to be getting rave reviews from those who have tried it before.

This is definitely something we have to grab. It's going to save our next rainy day!