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Mom Has Been Documenting the Adorable Bond Between Daughter and Mailman Since the Beginning Of the Pandemic

And their dance-offs are still going strong,

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When our kids are babies, we expect that they will have close relationships with their family members — siblings, grandparents, cousins. But what's really interesting to see is who they decide is a cool person outside of the fam, all on their own. Some kids get really excited to see their favorite garbage truck drivers every week, and for others, it's the cashier at the grocery store. 

And for this little girl on TikTok, it's the mailman. As a mom shared in a video on the app, during lockdown when everyone was stuck at home, she started waiting for the mail at the window and doing a dance for the postal worker... and that tradition is still going strong. 

In the first clip, she was so little, dancing in that window... and now, she's grown so much, but we can see that her bond with the mailman hasn't changed. It's cute enough that she's dancing to brighten his day, but the fact that he's willing to participate in their tradition to make a little girl happy is so sweet. 

Through the seasons, the traditions continue. On Halloween, they were both wearing costumes as they danced, and when it snowed, he threw a snowball at the window. We don't know who's having more fun here! 

"I hope that in years to come the news runs a story with them dancing at her graduation and or wedding," one person wrote. 

As a mom, you find a new appreciation for the strangers who go out of their way to make your child's life more fun or special, and this mail man is definitely one of those people. Give this man a raise!