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Mom Makes Adorable Makeup Subscription Bag For Daughter From the Dollar Store

This is so sweet!

Most kids out there want to be just like their parents, so it's no surprise when they want to put on makeup like a grown up would — it's fun to dress up! But that can be a bit of an expensive hobby, so sharing makeup with our little ones who might not have the concept of being "gentle" down yet can get a bit sticky.

Fortunately, one mom out there has figured out a way to make it happen. After her daughter got excited about her mom's makeup subscription boxes, Mom decided to start making one for her each month, too, and since it includes products from the dollar store, it's a much more cost effective way to let her have the same kind of surprises each month.


In a TikTok video, the mom showed off her process of creating the subscription bag, similar to Ipsy. Once she made it to the dollar store, she started by picking out a cute cosmetic bag to pack it all up in, and then, she picked age-appropriate products, like nail polish, chapstick, and a makeup brush. 

To really give her the full experience, Mom even packs it all up in a bubble mailer, and her husband got involved, too, decorating the envelope with personalized stickers. In the end, she's getting her own treat to open each month, and it looks like Mom has a lot of fun making it happen. 

This is something she's going to remember forever — and she's going to love it even more when she's older and realizes the effort her mom put into making it for her.