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Dad Catches Mom On “Autopilot” and It’s Too Funny

We’ve all been there mama.

For moms, it's easy to feel like all of our days run together as we fall into a routine. Getting the kids up and ready for the day, making meals, running errands, going through the whole bedtime routine... sometimes, we feel like we're living the same day over and over again. Is it any surprise many moms could live through a day with their kids with their eyes closed? 

Watching this TikTok video of a mom on "autopilot" really sums it up for us. It's amazing what getting into a routine and being sleep deprived can do to us... and we're really glad that Dad managed to catch this hilarious moment on video. 


In the video, we can see mom sitting on a couch, keeping a baby bouncer going while looking at her phone. Pretty normal, right? Then, the camera pans to Dad, who is holding the baby. Yes, that bouncer is empty, and mom is bouncing nothing... out of sheer habit.

To be fair, this baby does look pretty little, so there's a good chance this mom was up all night, which would explain why she hasn't realized she's not the one in charge right now. We've all been there! That level of tired is unlike anything else.

In the comment, many moms shared how much they could relate.

"She is probably waiting to go do something once her baby is rocked to sleep too. LOL I’ve done this so many times," one fellow parent said.

Many others pointed out that she looks like she needs a nap — we'd agree with that assessment.

We just hope this mama got some sleep. Don't worry, this phase isn't forever!