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Mom Records Baby’s Reaction Every Time She Sees Her and It’s Too Precious

She is a mama’s girl!

One of the sweetest things about babies and toddlers is how they get so excited over the simplest moments. It doesn't matter how many times they've seen it before; if it's something that they find amusing they'll continually find it so (at least in general). What's even sweeter is that sometimes they'll get that excited just to see someone they love, multiple times in the same day. This super adorable video from @hannahwiththelipstick is the perfect illustration. The mom here had a genius idea: To film her daughter's reaction every day for a week when she saw her after her afternoon nap. As she wrote: "I don't know who gets more excited honestly." One thing's for sure...the baby does get super, super excited!


Too adorable. She's so happy just to see mom...and she just saw her, right before naptime! Then again, babies have no sense of time. And they love repetition. So naturally she's going to be just as jazzed every time she wakes up to see one of her favorite people in the whole world. Commenters were absolutely charmed, especially with the way the little girl moves her arms and legs trying to get to her mom as soon as possible.
 "So sweet! She’s like swimming in air and doing all she can to get to you faster," wrote one.
"The way she tries to fly to you," wrote another. 
Commenters also thought dad was pretty adorable. The whole family is cute, tbh! Someday, this little girl won't be quite so excited to see her mom after naptime. (Someday, this little girl won't be quite so excited to take a nap.) But this mom will always have the memory, thanks to these videos.